Short Circuit

  • 2018
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Сюжет мультсериала

Once upon a time in a magical world, lived a curious little robot named Amp. He was created to be a helper in a futuristic city but had a habit of wandering off to explore the unknown. One day, during one of his adventures, he stumbled upon a garden of dreams, where he met a friendly butterfly named Flutter. The two became fast friends and started to explore the wonders of the garden together.But their peaceful world was soon disrupted when a group of robot guards discovered their existence and chased them out of the garden. With nowhere to turn, Amp and Flutter had to embark on a dangerous journey to find a new home. Along the way, they met a wise old owl named Hoot, who joined them on their journey.Will Amp, Flutter, and Hoot be able to find a new home where they can live in peace and harmony? Find out in the heartwarming tale of Short Circuit, a magical adventure for kids and parents alike!Featuring lovable characters, stunning animation, and a profound message about the power of friendship, Short Circuit is a must-watch for all families. Don't miss the chance to see this enchanting tale -Short Circuit смотреть онлайн now!
Short Circuit

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